Thursday, February 23, 2012

Succulent cup of tea

Only recently have I started collecting beautiful second-hand tea cups and saucers.

Every time I pass an op shop, I seem to be drawn immediately to the homewares section and 9 out of 10 times, I find myself at the counter purchasing yet another vintage tea set.

Most of the time there is not a matching pair, which I don't mind. The variety of unique, one-off pieces provides me with a chance to be creative - I will spend time mixing and matching a pattern tea cup with a plain saucer or vis versa until I find the perfect combination.

The fun doesn't stop at the op shop though.

Once home, I fill the cups with soil and plant a small succulent inside. With a little bit of TLC, these make-shift pot plants make the perfect gift and my friends just love to receive them.

They are the easiest plants to look after - I only spray mine every few days. If you're looking to create your own tea set garden, remember to water them lightly as the tea cup has no drainage.

Loving life outside

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love letter

About a week ago I sent a love letter to my favourite magazine 'Uppercase' for Valentines Day. The package I sent was filled with a selection of my favorite treasures, from exotic Asian trinkets to vintage train ticket stubs and even a holiday snap of myself + the letter ofcourse. To my surprise they featured the package on their blog. Whooo!

Below is a snippet of the letter, if you want to read more please click the link.

" Since the first time I flicked your pages I have been in awe and I continue to be bedazzled by your utter beauty. You are perfect inside and out and will forever hold a place on my coffee table"