Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dyed Tissue Paper

Who doesn’t love the art of gift wrapping? I try to find crafty new ways to make presents t look amazing, while still being affordable and exciting. Tissue paper would have to be the most inexpensive gift wrap there is, but with limited colours, people often shy away from it.  Below you will find my step by step instructions how to make dyed tissue paper, with so many colourful options; it’s perfect for any gift!

You’ll Need:
- A Large bucket of water
- Eye dropper
- Food colouring in desired colours
- Newspaper (For floor covering)
- Tissue paper (Plain white)
- Cloths horse

How To:
Step 1: Lay your newspaper all over the floor, give yourself a wider area than you need, just to be safe. I suggest doing on the garage floor, as spills can happen and food colouring doesn’t often like to budge from the bench top!

Step 2: If they aren’t already, fold the tissue paper in half and in half again. Do this for as many sheets as you can.

Step 3: Totally submerse one sheet of tissue paper in your bucket at a time and lay them down on the newspaper. Then using an eye dropper, drop food colouring onto the wet tissue paper and you will see the dye spread along the grains of the tissue paper. I tend to drop the colour in the four corners of the paper, so when you open up to reveal the full size it creates beautiful patterns.

Step 4: Leave them on the floor to dry overnight

Step 5: In the morning the paper will still be slightly wet, open up the tissue paper fully and lay them (carefully!) over the clothes horse to finish drying. 

It’s quick, easy and gives you a different result in pattern every time. Be creative and mix your dye prior, check the packet for variations, goodluck!

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